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Rising Damp

Moisture entering a property by capillarity, can be found in many buildings, irrespective of age, but can sometimes be miss-diagnosed.

Penetrating Damp

Defects to the building which permit the passage of water/moisture into a buildings fabric. These problems may be as simple as blocked drains, damaged rainwater goods or other similar building defects.

Hygroscopic Salt Contamination

Any moisture evaporating from masonry may often introduce naturally occurring salts to the surface of walls and/or render, which over time can become hygroscopic.  A common issue with chimney breasts and listed property in particular.

The treatment of salt contamination as a result of previous dampness requires the elimination of the original source of the moisture, only then can the internal issued be addressed.  Hygroscopic salts are common on chimney breasts as a result of ingress or historic burning of fossil fuels.  These salts can also often be found on ‘New Builds’, and can often prove more problematic to resolve than dampness itself.


Condensation is usually a consequence of modern living and is a balance between heating, ventilation, security and cost. Where there is a lack of balance between heating and ventilation, there may be condensation issues.  We can advise on various none destructive methods of addressing condensation issues.

Preparing for damp treatment

Damp chimney breast ready for treatment

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