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Using a combination of visual inspection, specialist equipment and a thorough understanding of the surrounding environment, our surveyor will produce an inspection report detailing his findings. A quotation will be provided and a specification for works, should remedial treatment be necessary.

After the survey has been completed, the details of your damp quote will be supplied promptly so you can decide the best course of action to take.

Our surveyor can investigate a number of problems, including rising damp, woodworm and/or fungal attack to timber, sub floor ventilation and structural defects. We always carry out a thorough inspection of the problem to give you an accurate damp quote, so, in some cases, we may need to lift floorboards etc, to inspect the underfloor areas for signs of damp and decay, for which written authority will usually be required.  Our survey service can be useful for both property owners and landlords, whether it is for your current property or one you are looking to potentially buy or let in the future.

The damp and timber reports you will receive will provide a full breakdown of any problems found. The recommended treatments will be fully explained within the report. You can usually expect to find a basic CAD floorplan within your report, as well as a full specification and a detailed quote for the necessary repair work. If you have any questions regarding your report, you are free to contact us to discuss it further.

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